Inside My Souls Vision

Monday, February 13, 2023

Miss Me

Well, I've Certainly been away for awhile. Due to circumstances beyond my control.

But now, maybe, just maybe things will turn around if only for a short bit!

As Valentine's Day is tomorrow .. and had nothing to do with poetry. (but Art).. I'm sharing a picture that does speak to all of us that carries love in our hearts.

Acreation . of art!. (AI)

Hope to be back soon and create another blog site, if i can figure that out! LOL

Sunday, March 20, 2011

And of Friendship


Somewhere amongst all the tangled,
Hurried lives we lead
Day in and day out,
We sometimes forget to capture and understand
Who we have
In our lives instead of what we are reaching for.
To reflect on what we do have and learn to love
And appreciate
How far we have come.
Sometimes we feel it takes too much time
Or perhaps
That it may
Not be the best we want.
This is a time to view not only the future,
But to rekindle the past
To build tomorrows.
So now I wish to stop a moment and express
My reflections
And visions;
Of love so often shown by you.–
Be it with tears or laughter:
And of friendship - so dear and nearest
To my heart.
For in my tangled life of times past and the
Misunderstanding of
The future to come;
To feel I'll always have a friend - with love –
To share for the reaching
And rekindling of my life -- I have you.




With all the ups and downs
We’ve been through;
No one can comfort me as you do.
My heart beats for only you;
Because I love you
And not how you fill the shoe.
No other could cope with the
Things I do and say,
No other could have those
Special ways.
You fill my life and heart
With love and joy,
You fill my days with spice
Of life:
I guess that's why I'm glad
To be your wife.